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Picea abies
Norway Sruce

Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce Tree
Norway Spruce Tree
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Norway Sruce 4-6 feet B&B $29.90 10

Norway Sruce 6-8 feet B&B $39.90 10

Norway Sruce 8-10 feet B&B $56.00 10

Norway Sruce 10-12 feet B&B $69.00 10

1 Gallon Fast Grow Potting Soil $6.99 1

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5 Gallon Fast Grow Potting Soil $22.99 1
Orders placed after April 10th for this item cannot be shipped until late Fall.


Norway Spruce is for Sale Wholesale from Our State Certified Tree Nursery

Buy Norway spruce at DNT Nursery. This is considered a large moderately fast growing evergreen coniferous tree. They can grow to impressive heights of over 55 meter tall and can produce a massive trunk that is on average 1- 2 meters in diameter. They are native to Europe but are still common to see growing all over the world. It is one of the most popular trees ever and is the official Christmas tree. They are also very important to the forestry and paper industries. The tree grows best when it is planted in cool environments that are moister than dry year around. However they can with stand periods of drought without becoming damaged or weakened. They are also very popular trees to be planted by gardeners because of their ability to be pruned and trimmed into beautiful rows of bushes and the thick branches and leaves make excellent natural wind and sound breaks. They are most commonly used by homeowners to make a privacy screen around their windows or even around their lawns.

Pick this fast growing tree

These fast growing evergreen trees are extremely hardy and grow at a very fast rate. They are most commonly known as Christmas trees.

Evergreen trees like this are great to have

These trees can be shaped into beautiful hedges and other works of art. 

Zone 3-7

Mature Height: 50 ft.

Mature Width: 25 ft.

Growth/Year: 2-3 ft.

Sunlight: Full Sun to Partial Shade

Soil Conditions: Adaptable to various Soils, Drought tolerant

Botanical Name: Picea abies