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Magnolia Liliflora
Magnolia Jane

Magnolia Jane

Magnolia Jane
Magnolia Jane
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Magnolia Jane 2-3 feet B&B $10.00 10

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Orders placed after April 10th for this item cannot be shipped until late Fall.



Magnolia Jane is for Sale Wholesale from Our State Certified Tree Nursery

Buy Magnolia Jane at DNT Nursery.  This shrub is a member of the "Little Girl" group of hybrid magnolias developed in the mid-fifties at the U.S. National Arboretum. It is a hardy shrub or small tree. This shrub has impressive reddish purple flowers outside, white inside opening late in spring to avoid frost damage. Flowers are a gorgeous tulip-shape with a lightly scented fragrance. This shrub leaves are dark green and somewhat leathery in appearance. It is a great choice for any accent, specimen, or border use. This shrub grows 10'-15' high; it grows best in full morning sun and partially shaded afternoons.

Choose flowering shrubs to make your home look gorgeous

This shrub will look great around your home.  It will brighten your lawn with its lovely blooms of pale yellow.

Flowering Shrubs will give you that look of glamour

These shrubs will look great around a walkway or driveway. They will also add that special touch to your lawn with its beautiful blooms.

Zone - 3-9

Mature Height: 8-12 ft

Mature Width: 8-10 ft

Growth/Year: More than 25 inches

Sunlight: Part Sun to Full Sun

Soil Conditions: Sandy Loam to Clay Loam

Botanical Name: Magnolia liliflora