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Bignonia capreolata

Cross vine

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Buy Cross Vine at DNT Nursery. This Cross vine is a plant that has very large shiny, evergreen leaves which in some rare circumstances the plants leaves can even be semi-evergreen. The Cross vine plant can grow a maximum of 60 feet in length, and over1 foot wide. The plant normally grows up to 20 feet in season however it is not guaranteed to do so, it depends on the conditions. The plants growth all depends on where the cross vine is planted. If the Cross vine is planted in the plants direct sunlight with good mineral soil, or planted beside a large fence in partial shade then the cross vine flower will prosper. Also if the cross vine flower is pruned after the first blooming of the season then it will lengthen the flowers bloom period.

Pick this cross Vine plant for your home.

This Cross vine plant is great for almost anything that goes up. This lovely climbing plant can make excellent privacy screens, trellises, and even a nice porch corner plants to make a very beautiful home.

This Cross vine is fairly easy to grow anywhere.

These cross vine plants are quite easy to grow and require little to no matinence at all.The plants love some full sun or partial shade to bath themselves in.

Zones- 3-9

Mature Height- 60 ft

Mature Width- 30 ft

Growth/year- 5-6 ft

Sunlight- full sun to light shade

Soil conditions- moist

Botanical name-Bigonia Capreolata