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Juniperus Virginiana
Eastern Red Cedar

Eastern Red Cedar

Red Cedar Tree
Red Cedar Tree
Orders placed after April 10th for this item cannot be shipped until late Fall.

Total order minimum is $50

Qty Description Price Min Qty

Eastern Red Cedar 4-5 feet B&B $23.00 10

Eastern Red Cedar 5-6 feet B&B $26.00 10

Eastern Red Cedar 6-8 feet B&B $38.00 10

Eastern Red Cedar 8-10 feet B&B $52.00 10

Eastern Red Cedar 10-12 feet B&B $69.00 10

1 Gallon Fast Grow Potting Soil $6.99 1

2 Gallon Fast Grow Potting Soil $11.99 1

5 Gallon Fast Grow Potting Soil $22.99 1
Orders placed after April 10th for this item cannot be shipped until late Fall.


Eastern Red Cedar is for Sale Wholesale from Our State Certified Tree Nursery

Buy Eastern Red Cedar at DNT Nursery. This might be the best way to go when it comes to evergreens. Because of its name, people are always mistaken by thinking that this comes from the Cedrus family. All you need to do is take a look at the last part of the name, in order to see that this is actually a juniper tree. Find out how you can benefit from such a great tree right now! The colors on these trees are absolutely amazing. This should be the first thing that you notice when you come take a look at it online. The colors on the tree will range a little bit. You can get a couple that is bright green, and a few that are simply dark green. Either way, these colors are unique and will bring out the best in your yard or land. This is a very dominant tree so you may not want to grow it with other trees. In fact, you could just add a couple of these and see how much shade and fun you could actually have! A tree such as this one will cost you around $40.  All you need to do is plant and grow these trees. We do offer the best prices as well as the best service among nursery suppliers today. Make sure that you have enough space for a tree this size as well as the roots that will grow underground. This larger will reach about 80- feet or even more so watch out! Once your tree matures and reaches its full size, you will get to see the true shape and colors of the trees. When purchased from an online nursery such as DNT Nursery, you will be getting a top notch, quality tree that will last you for years. Take a look at their wholesale lots and cover more of your land that way!

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These beautiful evergreen trees have a very unique shade of green that is unlike any other tree.

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Zone - 2-9

Mature Height: 40-50 ft.

Mature Width: 8-15 ft.

Growth/Year: 2-3 ft.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Soil Conditions: Adaptable to various Soils

Botanical Name: Juniperus Virginiana