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How to insulate your garden hydrant

Monday, January 30, 2012

You can insulate your yard hydrant in a few different ways which one of the ways is to wrap foam pipe insulation around the waterline from the hydrant. This will ensure that your pipes will not freeze in case of an emergency. The other way is to purchase an electric heater to keep your yard hydrant water lines from freezing by keeping the lines warm from electricity. This may sound like a bad idea because water mixing with electricity doesn’t really sound like a promising pipe heater. But these electric hydrant pipe heaters can be a great thing to have if you have a yard hydrant. The electric water hydrant heater is great because if you wired the electric water yard hydrant heater to your home’s electric wires then all you have to do to shut it off is to flip the breaker switch in the electrical box. The other way is if you have it plugged in then all you have to do to turn it off is to unplug it from the extension cord or from the house. The foam pipe insulation has always worked very well however if the lines do freeze then the place where it froze could be somewhere underground which would make electric hydrant heater a lot better and safer. In my opinion the electric water yard hydrant heater is better if you are worried about the pipes underground freezing because the pipe insulation only covers the top of the pipe near the hydrant which the electric covers the whole thing at least for where you set it to heat between.

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