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Decorating your flower beds with rocks, old boots or wagon wheels

Monday, January 16, 2012

Decorating with old items can be a wonderful way to express yourself.  You may use your old boots to plant your favorite flower in.  This would change the entire look of an old shoe or boot and would make it look beautiful in your new flower garden as well as give you a chance to recycle.  You may also take an old wagon wheel and run an ivy vine or a fast growing flowering vine through it and it would take on a whole new meaning. 

These items can make a wonderful addition to a very creative flower bed.  You can use the wagon wheel as a focal point in a flower bed or garden and also use it as a theme.  You can use other parts of the wagon if available to also add to the garden, such as a bench seat and sit pots of flowers on it.  You may scatter old worn out boots throughout the garden and plant spectacular flowers in them such as Pink Phlox which will creep along in order to add color to your flower beds. When these items have served their original purpose they can be recycled into your flower beds and gardens.  You may use them as a focal point or want to tuck them away in the corners of your flower bed with vines and flowers to adorn them.  Use your imagination and let it run wild when using these items to decorate with, you will be very surprised how these will bring out the beauty in a flower bed or garden.  Have fun and enjoy decorating your new or existing flower beds.

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