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Buy Wholesale Crape Myrtle Cheap Today!

We Have Crape Myrtle Affordable

Crepe Myrtle

A beautiful addition to your garden to make it come alive with bright colors and you can find it right here at DNT Nursery.

Crepe Myrtle or Crape Myrtle is the most sought after flowering plant for summers. The beautiful pink flowers make it every gardener’s favorite. They have the ability to fit into any kind of landscape and contribute towards making it aesthetically pleasing.

Crepe Myrtle should be planted in full sun where it can bloom to its fullest. It can also grow in partial shade in moderate to well- drained soil. The shrub can reach up to a height of 20 feet with an outward branching span of about 15 feet. They can be pruned and thinned to attain the desired shape.

Crepe Myrtle happens to be a very adaptable plant and with proper care and maintenance it can stand cheerfully in your garden for seasons to come. You can plant them as a specimen or a focal point in your garden, on the sidewalk or besides driveway. They will look equally astounding wherever you plant them!

Crepe Myrtles come in many varieties and the colors range from bright pink to whites and purple. You can choose from the varieties available depending on your requirements.

DNT Nursery is a one stop shop where you can find many different Crepe Myrtle varieties. We have plants and bare root stock of Crepe Myrtle. We offer best possible prices on all varieties. You will also get discounted prices on volume ordering and by placing bulk orders you will end up saving more.

We take pride in serving our customers and providing best quality plants for your garden. You have the ease of placing the order online or over the phone with us and we will deliver at your door step. So go ahead and place your order now.

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