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Native Plants

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Ajuga - American Bugleweed

Allium Canadense 6 yr plant - Meadow Garlic

Allium Stellatum 5 yr plant - Autumn Onion

Ambrosia Artemisiifolia 5 year bareroot plants - Rag Weed

Amorpha Fruticosa - False Indigo Bush

Anemone Caroliniana - Carolina Anemone

Asclepias Syriaca 5 Yr 3' Plant - Common Milkweed

Asclepias Viridiflora - Green Comet Milkweed

Aster Novae-Angliae - New England Aster

Astragalus tennesseensis 5 yr - Tennessee Milkvetch

Astraqalus Bibullatus - Ground Plum

Baptisia Australis - Blue Indigo

Bidens Aristosa - Bearded Beggarticks

Bidens Frondosa - Beggar Tick

Blephilia Ciliata - Downy Woodmint 5 yr

Bromelia Balansae - Heart-Of-Flame

Butterfly Weed - Curly Milkweed

Caltha Palustris - Marsh Marigold

Chaerophyllum Procumbens - Wild Chervil

Chamaesyce Prostrata - Sandmat

Chasmanthium Latifolium 4 Yr Bareroot Plug - Wild Oats

Clethra Alnifolia - Summersweet

Comandra Unbellata 5 yr - Bastard Toadflaz

Conopholis Americana - Squawroot
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Native Plants

Native Plants are often used in wetland mitigation and restoration areas where there's a need  for habitat restoration plantings. Native Plants are also in big demand for homeowner's that desires a natural looking landscape with plants that require little maintance. Native Shrubs are more healthy and do better in transplanting also from zone to zone because they are after all, natives.This means they also grow wild in the woods and mother nature is the ultimate gardner so this should tell you they only require some water once in awhile and rainfall takes care of this.At DNT's  Garden Center and Tree Farm is Wholesale and we sell quality plants at wholesale grower prices.

Native Plants - Native Plants Wholesale From DNT Tree Farm & Garden Center

Click here for Bare Root plant information.

Native Wetland Plants – Native Water Plants – Native Pond Plants – Native Marsh Plants

Our native wetland plant nursery carries a wide variety of native aquatic plants, pond plants, and the best grass for wetland and marsh land applications. We have a wonderful native plant nursery as well which can supply you with many different species of wetland plants and marsh land plants.

Buy native wetland plants online with DNT nursery, if you have a need for native aquatic plants for a pond or marsh type area we have the native best grasses, native plants and native wetland plant selections around. Browse our online native plant nursery and find the perfect wetland plant for your native landscape application today!

All Bare root plants & trees are packaged in accordance to American Nurserymans' standards.We dip every bare root plant in terrasorb moisture gel to seal  moisture in the roots. We  then  surround the root system in peat moss and wrap in plastic to further protect your plants for transit.This is old school and we guarantee you no one in the nursery industry packages plants to retain moisture like we do.