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Persimmon Tree

Persimmon Tree

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Persimmon trees are loved by so many because of all its many uses. The Persimmon tree is loved by horses, goats, chickens and all different types of wildlife. The Persimmon tree is a lovely tree that can reach massive heights of between 25-30 feet and reach outward spans of up to 15 feet.

There are so many different things that you can do with Persimmons, such as make Persimmon pudding which is similar to fig pudding and a fairly plump, juicy fruit. Persimmons are approximately the size of a large walnut and many people and people of all ages love to find a Persimmon tree in the fall of the year or later part of the summer and cut it open so that they can predict the winter. The “old wise tale is, that if the center of a persimmon seed looks similar to a spoon then it stands for a shovel which can mean a bad winter with lots of snow and if it looks similar to a knife then it means a mild winter.” It has been said that a lot of people still use this today to determine how to stock and prepare for their winters ahead.

Persimmon trees are also loved by many farmers because the fruits help feed their livestock and help attract many different wildlife to their yards. Persimmon trees are definitely a great tree to have in your yard because of the many different uses.

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