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Spartina Alterniflora
Smooth Cordgrass

Smooth Cordgrass

Smooth Cordgrass
Smooth Cordgrass
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Smooth Cordgrass is for Sale Wholesale from Our State Certified Tree Nursery

Buy Smooth Cordgrass at DNT Nursery.  This grass is a perennial type of grass. The  grass can grow as big as 7 inches tall and have a 3 inch spread. To grow the grass you will need to plant it into a moist soil. The light it needs is anything from partial sun to full sunlight. The grass is mainly found near either a pond, lake or even a little sand bar in the ocean.

Native grasses will give your lawn and flower gardens a natural look

These native grasses will give your flower gardens a natural look.  They will also look great in a natural area on your lawn.

Native grasses are great for flower gardens and water gardens

Native grasses will look great in a water garden and will add that special natural touch to your flower garden as well.  These native grasses will even help with soil erosion around a lake or pond.

Zone 3-9