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Rhododendron Maximum 4-5 foot
Rosebay Rhododendron

Rosebay Rhododendron

Rosebay Maximum Rhododendron
Rosebay Maximum Rhododendron
Orders placed after April 10th for this item cannot be shipped until late Fall.

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Rosebay Rhododendron 5-6 feet B&B $35.00 10

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Orders placed after April 10th for this item cannot be shipped until late Fall.



Rosebay Rhododendron is for Sale Wholesale from Our State Certified Tree Nursery

Buy Rosebay Rhododendron at DNT Nursery.  This shrub is an evergreen shrub that is considered to be multistemmed. This is a fairly large shrub that will do quite nicely in a wide variety of large yards, farms or even parks and libraries. DNT Nursery has been known for having an exceptionally wide variety of not only shrubs, but trees, ferns, flowers and other plant life. This shrub can easily be bought and grown from our online nursery, so take a look around and find out what you need for a shrub like this one! When you think about a larger shrub you may think that it grows over 20 feet. The fact is this shrub will not reach more than 15 feet. In some rare cases though, it has been reported that this shrub has gotten to 33 feet. This shrub wills only reach 30 fee or more if you have a home in the Appalachian Mountains. Of course, you can always take the time to prune and trim the shrub back so it does not look as large as it seems. In the summertime the leaves on this shrub will be a lovely evergreen color. The leaves will typically look and feel thick as well as a bit leathery. If you look closely you will see that the leaves on this shrub are actually a little bit darker than the rest of the shrub. When the fall season comes around there will really be no change. The leaves ant the plant as a whole will remain an evergreen color. If the weather gets too cold for this shrub, some of the leaves may dry up and fall off of the branches. You can expect some beautiful looking flowers to bloom in June. The flowers will be not be white like most shrubs have. In fact this shrub will actually have pink flowers that may remind you of the color of a pink or light red rose. These flowers will grow in small clusters, which will all come together to create a truly magnificent shrub! There are fruits that will grow but they really hold no ornamental value. Most people will simply prune these fruits right off of this shrub. If you have heard enough, all you need to do is get to DNT Nursery and start your order!

Native shrubs will make your lawn inviting

This shrub will make your lawn look lovely.  It will give your big and gorgeous blooms that will fill your lawn with color.

Native shrubs will give your home and lawn that extra appeal

This shrub will make your lawn pop with brilliant color.  It will also attract those gorgeous little hummingbirds.

Zone 3-9

Mature Height: 15-30 ft.

Mature Width: 15-30 ft.

Growth/Year: 1-2 ft.

Sunlight: Partial Shade

Soil Conditions: Moist, cool, acidic, well-drained, organic soil

Botanical Name: Rhododendron Maximum