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Wholesale Fruit Trees and Berry Shrubs


Balled & Burlap product and Bareroot Trees and Shrubs cannot be shipped between April 10 and late Fall.   Any orders received after April 10 for these plants will be shipped late Fall.

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Vaccinium Corymbosum - Hi Bush Blueberry

Asimina Triloba - Common Paw Paw

Bosenberry Rubus - Boysenberry

Canadensis Rubus - Dewberry

Ficus carica - Brown Turkey Fig

Ficus carica - Everbearing Fig Tree

Fragaria virginiana - Strawberry Plant

Fragaria x ananassa - Chandler Strawberry

Gooseberry Ribe Oxy - Gooseberry

Huckleberry Bush 3 feet bearing age - Huckleberry Bush

Ideaus Rubus - Blackberry 4 yr plants Chickasaw

Ideaus Rubus - Native Black Berry Plants-Fruiting

Ideaus Rubus - Black Raspberry

Malus Domestica - Gala Apple

Malus Domestica - Honey Crisp Apple

Malus Domestica - Red Delicious Apple

Malus Domestica - Red June Plum

Malus Domestica - Yellow Delicious

Morus Rubra - Red Mulberry

Pruns Salicina - Bruce Plum Fruit Tree

Prunus americana - Morris Fruiting Plum

Prunus americana - Purple Fruiting Plum

Prunus Armeniaca

Prunus Armeniaca - Golden Kist Apricot
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Fruit Trees | Berry Plants - Bare Root

Fruit Trees and Berry Plants are excellent for hobbiests that wants to enjoy nature and garden. Homeowner's love the results they get from a fresh harvest of fruit or berries when they pick them to enjoy, make pies, jams or freeze them to eat in those cold winter months when there's no fresh fruit anywhere. Our Tree Farm has quality bare root fruit trees and berry plants in our online nursery at grower prices.

Fruit Trees | Berry Plants - Bare Root Click here for Bare Root plant information.

Advantages of Planting Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are a highly desirable tree for any setting. They have many benefits besides their ability to provide succulent fruits. One of the main benefits is the wonderful shade that these trees provide. Some species, like apple trees, can grow quite large. Apple trees provide a great spot for children to play beneath or for the ample shade that they can give to any space. The delicious apples are just a small benefit, the trees blossoms and overall appearance make them a must have in any landscape.

Cherry trees are another tree that is quite desirable for those designing a landscape. They come in many varieties from the weeping versions to those that product eatable fruits. Cherries are very expensive to buy in the store. People love to cook with cherries to create things like pies and jellies. With the concern of all the pesticides and people turning to organic foods, growing fruits, like those on cherry trees, is always better for the family.

Unfortunately, all trees won’t grow in all zones, and some trees are hardier than others. Take for instance pear trees; they can be grown in most locations, as long as they have full sun. These trees can live up to 60 years and produce juicy fruits after the first year. There is nothing better than biting into a fresh pear, especially one that is home grown. Pear trees make great snacks for anyone. They are packed full of necessary nutrients, like potassium, fiber and magnesium.

Can anything be more amazing than a fresh, juicy peach? Peach trees have many advantages, but they like the temperatures hot. Most peaches are grown in the South because they need the direct sun and plenty of it. Making peach preserves or a decadent peach pie is a major advantage. Not having to go to the store to buy peaches, but just picking them from the tree is a real treat. Peach trees were imported here from China. They are stocked full of vitamins, another major benefit, like the necessary vitamin C they provide.

Every consider plum trees? Plum trees are a very beautiful variety for any landscape. The deep purple blooms and the numerous varieties make them a great selection. These trees are perfect because they will grow almost anywhere in the entire country. Plumb trees can make the most luscious desserts and are very good for the body. While not the most popular fruit, these little purple wonders can pack Beta-carotene, vitamin C and various other necessary vitamins and minerals.

Is there anything better than a fresh fig cookie? Fig trees are considered highly desirable because figs are one of the staples of any diet. The great thing about fig trees, they can handle the cold, which means they can grow most anyplace. They come in many varieties, even a weeping fig. Rather than paying the costly prices for these store bought delights, grow them in the backyard and have ample quality.

Fruit trees have a dual purpose; they look beautiful and provide great fruits. They have fragrant blossoms and then amazing fruit, why wouldn't someone want them as part of their landscape?

Advantages of Planting Berry Bushes

When you look at your yard and decide that you would like to add something different and new to the landscaping of it or you would like to add to your garden, you may want to consider berry bushes. There are various types to choose from, and not only do they look pretty, but you can get something out of them as well.

Blueberries are one type of bush that you could consider. Whether you are looking to have them within your garden, or just planted throughout your yard for looks, this type of bush is a great choice. You should try to pick areas within your yard that get plenty of sunlight on a daily basis. The fruits will do best growing when they have plenty of sunshine.

There are a couple of great benefits of choosing blueberry bushes for your yard. One benefit is that they are easy to maintain. They are not a plant that you need to attend to everyday, which takes some pressure off of you to keep them looking their best. They also add a beautiful look to any yard or garden. When the summer months come around, they will produce delicious blueberries that you and your family can watch grow and enjoy eating once they are ripe. Trimming your blueberry bush on an annual basis will help to produce more fruit each year at harvest time.

Planting a bush that will produce raspberries is another great way to add something beautiful to your garden or throughout your yard. Much like blueberry bushes, they are easy to maintain, but do require plenty of sunlight in order for them to grow their best and produce plenty of fresh, ripe berries. Raspberries will give you a great looking plant within your yard or garden and will also give you a tasty treat towards the end of the summer months. This bush will need to be trimmed once a year as well.

Black berries are another fruit that many people enjoying eating. Planting a bush within your yard or garden that will produce this type of fruit is a great way to add some beauty as well as have a great home-grown treat for your family. Black berries, like other fruiting bushes, need to have plenty of sunlight throughout the day in order to ensure that you will produce as many berries as possible. Trimming this bush annually will help to ensure that it produces many of the berries that you enjoy.

Berry bushes are a great way to add something new to your garden or yard. You will have a beautiful plant, that requires minimal maintenance, and that will produce a tasty treat for your family every year.

Bare Root Fruit Trees - Bare Root Berry Bushes and Shrubs

Are you searching for bare root fruit and berry plants? We have several different species of bare root fruiting trees and berry bushes and shrubs such as: bing cherry, pear trees, boysenberry, nectarine, persimmon tree, strawberry, apple trees, nectarine, apricot, raspberry, red mulberry and plum trees. Browse our online bare root fruit and berry plant selections to find the perfect fruiting plant for your garden application.

All Bare root plants & trees are packaged in accordance to American Nurserymans' standards.We dip every bare root plant in terrasorb moisture gel to seal  moisture in the roots. We  then  surround the root system in peat moss and wrap in plastic to further protect your plants for transit.This is old school and we guarantee you no one in the nursery industry packages plants to retain moisture like we do.