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Native Trees


Balled & Burlap product and Bareroot Trees and Shrubs cannot be shipped between April 10 and late Fall.   Any orders received after April 10 for these plants will be shipped late Fall.

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Fraxinus Americana - White Ash

Fraxinus Pennsylvancia - Green Ash

Gleditsia Triacanthus - Honey Locust

Liquidambar Stryaciflua - Sweet Gum

Liriodendron Tulipifera - Tulip Poplar

Melia Azedarach - Chinaberry

Mimosa Hostilis - Mimosa

Nyssa Sylvatica - Blackgum

Olneya tesota - Ironwood

Oxydendron Arboreum - Sourwood

Platanus Occidentalis - Sycamore

Populus Alba - White Poplar

Populus Hybrid - Hybrid Poplar

Populus Nigra - Lombardy Poplar

Populus tremuloides - Quaking Aspen

Prunus Serotina - Black Cherry

Quercus Acutissima - Sawtooth Oak

Quercus Alba - White Oak

Quercus Coccinea - Scarlet Oak

Quercus Ellipsoidalis - Northern Pin Oak

Quercus Falcata - Southern Red Oak

Quercus Lyrata - Overcup Oak

Quercus Macrocarpa - Burr Oak

Quercus Michauxii - Swamp Chestnut Oak
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Native Trees

Sugar Maple and Red Maple Trees are two of Fall's beauties in Autumn and are also native trees. Native trees are hardy in most zones. Our tree farm sells bare root native trees at a fraction of the cost most nurseries sells them for. Our garden center online has grower prices wholesale to anyone who can order our minimum quantities. 

Native Trees Wholesale

Click here for Bare Root plant information.

Bare Root Native Trees – Native Tree Farm – Native Garden Nursery

At DNT Tree Farm Nursery,we can supply you with the bare root native trees you are searching for. Our native garden nursery has many different types of bare root native tree species such as: cherry trees, conifers, weeping willow trees, pine trees, fruit trees, fig trees, magnolia trees and many more. Browse our bare root native tree selections below and find just what your native plant garden is in need of, the perfect native tree can complete a garden.

A landscape project is not complete without just the right tree. Our online nursery offers bare root small trees, large trees, fast growing trees, ornamental trees along with native tree species. Enjoy our online nursery and once you have found the perfect native bare root tree for your project we will be happy to assist you with your online tree order.

All bare root trees and plants are packaged in accordance to American Nurserymans' standards. We dip every bare root plant in terrasorb moisture gel to seal moisture in the roots. We  then  surround the root system in peat moss and wrap in plastic to further protect your plants for transit. This is old school and we guarantee you no one in the nursery industry packages plants to retain moisture like we do.

DNT Nursery has a large variety of native plants. Our online nursery specializes in native and wetland plants. Native plants are hardy and adapt well into any landscaping job. They are usually grown in the woods with no care. Only Mother Nature and still they thrive with no fertilizer or irrigation.

A lot of wetland mitigation projects calls for native plantings on their jobs due to the hardiness and adaptability to blend in with almost any native natural environment. At DNT Nursery native plants takes up a good 65% of our business so we try to stay on top of what's popular and have the availability large enough to accommodate any job. We have large quantities of native plants in our online nursery.

Need 40,000 native plant seedlings? Chances are we have them. If not, we can usually locate the rest of the plants from another local nursery to save the customer from having to shop at two locations. And if we have to pay more for the native plants than what you the customer pay us to fill your order, we’ve been known to.


Native Trees -          Native Trees Wholesale