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Top Selling Shrubs Top Selling Trees
   •  Forsythia    •  Hydrangea    •  Maples    •  Oaks
   •  Burning Bush    •  Spirea    •  Dogwoods    •  Willow
   •  Crepe Myrtle      •  Empress  
Top Selling Evergreens Top Selling Vines
   •  White Pine    •  Privet    •  Wisteria    •  Vinca
   •  Boxwood    •  Spruce Pine    •  Honeysuckle    •  Phlox
       •  Helix  
Top Selling Perennials Top Selling Ferns
   •  Virginia Blue Bells    •  Ajuga    •  Christmas Fern    •  Ostrich Fern
   •  Snow On The Mountain    •  Daylily    •  Lady Fern    •  New York Fern
   •  Coneflower      
Top Selling Hedges Top Selling Berry Plants
   •  Privet    •  Boxwood    •  Blueberry    •  Blackberry
   •  White Pine    •  Forsythia    •  Raspberry    •  Strawberry
Top Selling Flowering Top Selling Grasses
   •  Crepe Myrtle    •  Rose of Sharon    •  Love Grass    •  Carex Sedge
   •  Empress    •  Dogwoods    •  Sea Oats    •  Cat Tails
Top Selling Fruiting  
   •  Honey Crisp Apple    •  Red June Plum    
   •  Belle of Georgia Peach    •  Bartlett Pear    

Wholesale Nursery Trees, Plants, Shrubs, Perennials, Natives, Fern Plants, Live Moss and More from a certified grower.

No one in the wholesale nursery grower industry can offer you a better price, quality and selection on grade A quality trees, shrubs, perennial plants, moss, live stakes, ferns, native trees & shrubs and more. We offer you wholesale grower prices on exceptional quality and we deliver our plants to all states. No better prices can be offered than from a grower, guaranteed lowest prices online. With 57 years of experience and 4 generations of family growers we will please you with our quality at exceptional low prices.

We ship our plants ups, except large B&B trees. They must be hauled by a semi carrier. We will load for free and can give you information on dependable carriers for a freight rate upon request. not every trucking company is qualified to haul live trees. You must get a professional that know what's required to haul large 12-26 feet tall trees. Heavy duty tarps, open flatbed semis and side kits are a must when hauling. Don't depend on a major trucking company when you are buying large trees, call someone who knows exactly how to care for your trees until they reach their destination. We recommend C& W Trucking at 931-692-3798. For smaller shrubs check out Garden Plants Nursery .

At wholesale nursery co, we have other sites that specializes in other type plants and you can buy in smaller quantities: Check out perennial Co, for small lots of perennials. Also see Garden Delights Nursery for a wide range of small qty trees & shubs, Shrubs For Sale Nursery for specializing in forsythia and hydrangea shrub varieties. Tree Nursery Co specializes in shade and flowering trees and last but not least is Tn Tree Farm and Trees For Sale Online Nursery, Online Nursery Co They all are great!