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Top Selling Shrubs Top Selling Trees
   •  Forsythia    •  Hydrangea    •  Maples    •  Oaks
   •  Burning Bush    •  Spirea    •  Dogwoods    •  Willow
   •  Crepe Myrtle      •  Empress  
Top Selling Evergreens Top Selling Vines
   •  White Pine    •  Privet    •  Wisteria    •  Vinca
   •  Boxwood    •  Spruce Pine    •  Honeysuckle    •  Phlox
       •  Helix  
Top Selling Perennials Top Selling Ferns
   •  Virginia Blue Bells    •  Ajuga    •  Christmas Fern    •  Ostrich Fern
   •  Snow On The Mountain    •  Daylily    •  Lady Fern    •  New York Fern
   •  Coneflower      
Top Selling Hedges Top Selling Berry Plants
   •  Privet    •  Boxwood    •  Blueberry    •  Blackberry
   •  White Pine    •  Forsythia    •  Raspberry    •  Strawberry
Top Selling Flowering Top Selling Grasses
   •  Crepe Myrtle    •  Rose of Sharon    •  Love Grass    •  Carex Sedge
   •  Empress    •  Dogwoods    •  Sea Oats    •  Cat Tails
Top Selling Fruiting  
   •  Honey Crisp Apple    •  Red June Plum    
   •  Belle of Georgia Peach    •  Bartlett Pear    

DNT Wholesale Tree Nursery

DNT Tree Nursery has spent years building a reputation as the most reliable wholesale nursery in the U.S., and ships native, noninvasive ferns, trees, shrubs, perennials, and other garden plants to all 50 states and over 12 foreign countries. Unlike many other nurseries who specialize in specific types of garden plants, we offer it all: wildflowers, trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses and mosses: any and everything you could need for your lawn, landscaping project, or garden. Whether you are looking to buy fruit trees, are searching for oak trees for sale to line your driveway, or simply looking for perennials and other garden plants to beautify your lawn or home, DNT Nursery can provide cheap wholesale plants of excellent quality. We are happy to recommend what garden plants, trees, and perennials would work best in your climate zone and soil type, and each of our products has a special area which recommends similar products.

Wholesale Nursery Supplies

As the internet's largest and most affordable online nursery, DNT Garden Supply has a commitment to providing you with the best garden plants at the internet's lowest prices. Whether you purchase a large order of plants at our low wholesale prices or handpick a select few, rest assured that you can expect superior service and prompt delivery. In fact, we are happy to answer any garden and plant related questions you may have before placing an order!

Affordable Garden Plants at DNT Wholesale Nurseries

Now that it's summer, you may be particularly interested in our vast selection of ferns, mosses, and wildflowers for sale. These options are ideal to plant and propagate during the summer, and can add an immediate and dramatic wow factor to your home or garden. Some of the most popular summer wildflowers for gardens include the black eyed susan, butterfly bush, and the coneflower. For each of these, and all of our other garden plants, we provide our buyers several different varieties to choose from. As a massive wholesale nursery, we are able to provide the largest selection of garden plants no matter the season! Make sure that DNT Nursery is the first place you check for wildflowers for sale. But if you're looking for ferns for sale, or even mosses or other varieties of garden plants, we're here to help!

We offer only top quality, nursery grown plants, with the vast majority of our garden plants grown from containers in our nurseries from start to delivery to your door. DNT Nursery takes pride in delivering you the best garden plants for the money, and we are lauded by our customers for providing an interface which is easy to use and informative. On each of our product pages for perennials, shrubs, trees, ferns, and mosses for sale, you can look at photos of the plants in our inventory, read descriptions of the plant's preferred growing conditions, and even read about the plant's natural range, history, medicinal benefits, and seasonal variations in appearance. We specialize in providing detailed and thorough information on all of our landscaping and garden plants for sale, from the traditional garden plants to exotic varieties.



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